Track Times High Scores!

Here are the races! All of these different pages show the fastest podracers in the galaxy and their times for the courses. If you wanna be on the list then tell me which races you want to be added. Attach your tgdf.dat file (it can be found in the directory: C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\Racer\Data\Player) to the email so I can verify your times. If you have any problems attaching the file or otherwise feel free to email me. I'll try to respond as soon as I can. So have fun and email me your times so you can show the world your BLAZIN'!!!


Ando Prime

Beedo's Wild Ride

Howler Gorge

Andobi Mountain Run

Ando Prime Centrum


Aqualaris Classic

Sunken City

Bumpy's Breakers


Baroo Coast

Grabvine Getaway

Fire Mountain Rally


Oovo IV



The Gauntlet

Ord Ibanna

Scrapper's Run

Dethro's Revenge



Malastare 100

Dug Derby

Sebulba's Legacy

Mon Gazza

Mon Gazza Speedway

Spice Mine Run

Zugga Chalenge


Boonta Training Course

The Boonta Classic